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Sage Holistic Community Clinic is a Low-Cost Clinic set up in 2018 by myself Denise Millar a practitioner of Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Crystal healing & Frequency healing (PRife). 

At Sage Holistic community Clinic, our mission has always been simple - to make you feel and stay healthy.

By offering holistic treatments, workshops, classes & self-care products at an affordable cost.

We originated in Hangleton, and have recently moved into the heart of Hove,

Due to lack of viable 3rd sector funding, we are now collaborating with "Fine Feather" & using their gorgeous clinic space in Hove.

Previously I was the clinic manager, but I have now stepped back from running the clinic and have handed the reins over to the lovely Kelinda at Fine Feather. I can now concentrate more on developing the wellbeing health range SAGE HOLISTIC for self care products, that was developed due to the need during the Uk Lockdowns. This is now growing into a lovely community based business we are attending many trade fairs & markets in the local area and beyond with our online shop.

As a practitioner I will also still be giving treatments in the clinic approx 2-3 days a week, so please book in (see next page Treatments about what I offer)

See info below for all other therapies, practitioners, workshops and classes that are being offered through fine feather website/ or social media pages: 

To book other treatment sessions or see their timetable for workshops, 

classes or low cost days please visit  



New Clinic Address : Fine Feather Wellness Hub, 25 The Drive, Hove, BN3 3JG 

Why not message us to see if you could benefit from our help.


 One of our aims at Sage Holistic Community Clinic / Sage Holistic Shop / Fine Feather Wellness Hub is to help as many people as possible, with long-term & chronic health conditions access beneficial treatments, natural products & support when really needed.

We know that long-term ill health can lead to isolation, depression & financial pressures.

We offer low-cost days for anybody in our community, no matter their financial status. 

We believe everybody in our community should be able to choose Holistic therapies when needed at prices they can afford.


We offer access to a wide range of therapeutic treatments & workshops by highly skilled therapists.

Which helps to maintain & support your ongoing health needs and improve your overall wellbeing.

We want to improve our community's health by creating a healing space where you can experience comfort, understanding & gain new friendships, through group workshops, classes & treatments.  

Where you can learn the tools to improve your own health and wellbeing. 

"We believe in sharing preventative health tools to empower our community to live well."



Sage Holistic Wellbeing Shop  
Denise Millar

+44 (0)7731919566

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