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Acupuncture by Denise Millar

Denise qualified in 2011 from the College of Traditional Acupuncture in Warwick and have been practicing the 5 Element style of Traditional Acupuncture. Where the core philosophy is working on the persons as a whole e.g. (Body Mind & Spirit) rather than just the symptoms that manifest in ill health. I have previously practiced both in Uk & Bali, now back in Hove. 

So far in my career I have had wonderful results with gynaecological / hormonal imbalances, weak immune systems, spinal & joint pains and the debilitating emotional effects from long term depression anxiety and Ptsd. 

Planning a treatment protocol & how often to have treatment is dependent on your health needs, no two people are the same.             

Initial consultation including first treatment 1.5hrs - 2hrs.  Price: £75.00

Follow on treatments up to 1hr.   Price: £50.00

 If you are undergoing medical treatment for Cancer & are presently unemployed due to long term health co-morbidities... Please contact  me directly to offer our low cost clinic days. Price £35.00

If you would like to read more about the science and how acupuncture works, & what to expect in treatment . 

here is some great articles:


PRife Wand & Crystal Healing combo

Energy Healing  by Denise Millar

The iTeraCare PRife Wand uses Terahertz frequency, Quantum resonance & Optical quartz light technology.

Working to realign the energy centres ( Meridians & Chakras ) of the body.

Creating a deeply relaxing body, calming the mind & heightening your spiritual experience with self.

I-TeraCare Terahertz Light Wave device is an electromagnetic wave band between far infrared & microwave, with a length of between

0.03 mm to 3mm frequency. It generates millions of vibrations per second, which resonate the same frequency as normal human cells.

Treatment is started by directing the frequency, light & the hot airflow from the Prife wand along the meridians and lymphatic areas of the body. This will help move stuck energy and open up the pathways to improved health. (please be aware those with noise sensitivity the device creates a noise similar to sound of a low hair dryer) 

The heat from the wand will penetrate up to 20-30cm depth into the body reaching the bone marrow, the micro blood vessels and capillaries. This helps to increase the immune system functioning &  enhance micro blood circulation. This can also help eliminate water retention in the body. When the meridians are flowing freely the nervous system will be unblocked, the organs can be nourished & back to functioning normally and effectively. A lot of pain will also be eliminated, therefore restoring balance in the body.

During treatment I will ask you to drink two glasses of warm water, one before & one directly after treatment. This water will have been blown with the frequency PRife wand to help expand the cellular memory of water. When this is drunk internally it helps the blood cells regulate.  Under a microscope we can see the difference in the blood cells, they look more round and not so sticky or coagulated. The blood cells will become more healthy, the blood circulation improves, it can now effectively bring oxygen and nutrition to other cells, at the same time help flush away toxins and dead cells.

After treatment try to keep the body warm for a few hours after therapy, do not eat cold foods, and do not take a shower, or use air conditioning or fans on the body. Keeping the body warm helps with the healing process.

The Ancient Greek father of medicine, Hippocrates believed that,

’if there’s a way to heat the bones, then all diseases can be treated.’









After the PRife session I will place cleansed and programmed crystals onto the body on each chakra and I will work energetically to realign and balance each chakra system.  

This is a very calming and sometimes very spiritual experience. Each client will experience a different journey. What they feel or see inside the mind / third eye can be very uplifting, or can give you guidance for your onward healing journey. 

After session it is advised to hydrate well with another glass of PRife charged water. You can feel a little spaced after treatment so please take a few minutes to just sit and rebalance, grounding before driving.

This feeling of deep relaxation can last up to a few days...enjoy.

The whole treatment can take 1.5hrs - 2hrs max.  Price: £75.00

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New Clinic Address : SAGE HOLISTIC inside Fine Feather Wellness Hub,
25 The Drive, Hove,

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