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Free Wellbeing Booklet for Download

Hello from all our Practitioners at Sage Holistic to our lovely Community in Brighton & Hove.

We hope you are not struggling in these unusual and somewhat unpresidented times.


As you are aware we had to shut our doors to contact to all treatments, so myself and our practitioners have been busy in the background learning new tech and ways in which we can still help our Community to keep there health and wellbeing optimal in these trying times.


We know stress can effect our immune system and leave us depleted, both energetically & physically but it also has an detrimental effect on us emotionally. Some of you may be experiencing anxiety, depression, fear or your aches and pains can seem worse at this time. So we have designed a lovely booklet that you can read, download and print out for free, as we want to share as many easy self-care routines to keep you sane, healthy and happy at this time, until we can open our doors and see all your lovely faces again.

Our Tips will help you cope and build your immune system and respiritory health, but most importantly keep you emotionally stable, relaxed and happy.


Until then please look out for some of our online vidoes, classes and workshops that we will be posting in due course that you can book onto through a donation basis charge - as we know many people are not able to work at these times, including our we are keeping things as cost effective as possible.

I look forward to hearing your feedback re the Wellbeing Booklet and any suggestions re online classes that you would like to try. You can still email or phone if have any queries, we are still here trying our best to serve you our community.

Kind Regards

Clinic Manager - Denise Millar


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