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Correct tests needed if suspected thyroid issues:

Some of you are taking lab blood tests that don’t even matter that much, like the standard thyroid test called “TSH” for thyroid stimulating hormone. This test requires blood and the result of it has no bearing whatsoever on your tissue levels of thyroid hormone, meaning what’s inside your cell.  That’s really what we need to know, not your TSH, a hormone produced in your brain. Here are some lab tests that are better at detecting health concerns:


Ratio of Free T3 to Reverse T3: This is a ratio of two levels that are measurable in the blood through lab tests. It’s really the best indicator for thyroid function. I think the ratio should be greater than two in order for you to feel good. This is a way to really see how your thyroid hormone levels are doing and much better than TSH. If this ratio is under two, you could have symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, depression, hair thinning, cold hands and feet, brain fog and memory loss. You can do this at any lab such as Quest or Labcorp.

TPO and Thyroglobulin Antibodies: for suspected Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto.                             This is a measurement of antibodies that are attacking your thyroid gland. You can have normal thyroid hormone levels but the antibodies can be sky high and it would explain why you’re holding on to weight.

TGB Thyroxin Binding Globulin.    

TSI Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin. For suspected Hyperthyroidism/Graves

Serum insulin: Most practitioners are focused on your “FBS” or fasting blood sugar but that is not as useful as your insulin (which reduces blood sugar).  Your FBS will be normal for many years while your insulin is frantically being pumped out of your pancreas to offset high blood sugar caused by the foods you eat. You’ll be told your FBS is normal, so not to worry about diabetes. I’m saying the insulin is a better clue to your health because if it’s high, that says you’re in trouble. One day your pancreas will give up and then your blood sugar rises but that new “diabetes” you just got diagnosed with was in the making many years ago, and your serum insulin level lab tests, would have told you!  More in my Diabetes Without Drugs book.  Also, high insulin correlates with increased risk for prostate cancer.

Ratio of glucose to leptin: This is an excellent new way to also uncover diabetes. You can do this at any lab such as Quest or Labcorp.

Ferritin: This is your stored form of iron. It can be dangerously low (less than 15) even though your iron and hemoglobin lab tests are normal. Measure it! Low Ferritin slows down your conversion of thyroid hormone into an active form making you clinically hypothyroid, despite a normal TSH.

Methylation: This is a blood test for “MTHFR” that specifically evaluates if you have a mutation, that prevents you to detoxify properly, due to insufficient folate and glutathione. A methylation defect can cause high homocysteine. 


Vit D.  

Vit B12.    




IODINE (24hr loading). 


The expert on the is Dr. Ben Lynch at and here is a great article she wrote on this topic Click Here

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Free Download - Thyroid Gluten Free Recipes

Free Health Booklet's for Download

Hormonal Changes &  Imbalances in Women's Life Cycles
Hormone Health Guide
Hormone health Bye Bye Toxins
Hormone Health Meal Plan
Hormone Health Cycle Syncing
Hormone health Supplement Combination
Hormone Health Graceful Menopause

If you are struggling at any stage of your women's natural cycles, please use these free tools to get yourself back into a natural rhythm.

Are you wanting to get pregnant, learn your monthly cycles at each stage. What is best to eat or avoid. Which supplements are needed and when to get you in better health to conceive easier.  

How to detox chemicals in your home, where to buy safe products.

What vitamins and food to eat or avoid during the menopause.

A Re-balancing hormonal Meal Plan.

If you would like further or more specific information relating to your own health needs, reach out to one of our Nutrition Practitioners and book a private session in clinic.

Free Wellbeing Booklet for Download

Maintaining Wellbeing -During Lockdown

Hello from all our Practitioners at Sage Holistic to our lovely Community in Brighton & Hove.

We hope you are not struggling in these unusual and somewhat unpresidented times.


As you are aware we had to shut our doors to contact to all treatments, so myself and our practitioners have been busy in the background learning new tech and ways in which we can still help our Community to keep there health and wellbeing optimal in these trying times.


We know stress can effect our immune system and leave us depleted, both energetically & physically but it also has an detrimental effect on us emotionally. Some of you may be experiencing anxiety, depression, fear or your aches and pains can seem worse at this time. So we have designed a lovely booklet that you can read, download and print out for free, as we want to share as many easy self-care routines to keep you sane, healthy and happy at this time, until we can open our doors and see all your lovely faces again.

Our Tips will help you cope and build your immune system and respiritory health, but most importantly keep you emotionally stable, relaxed and happy.


Until then please look out for some of our online vidoes, classes and workshops that we will be posting in due course that you can book onto through a donation basis charge - as we know many people are not able to work at these times, including our we are keeping things as cost effective as possible.

I look forward to hearing your feedback re the Wellbeing Booklet and any suggestions re online classes that you would like to try. You can still email or phone if have any queries, we are still here trying our best to serve you our community.

Kind Regards

Clinic Manager - Denise Millar


Gerson Therapy - Cancer Protocols,
Coffee Enema's & Free Pdf's Downloads



This was written  to help educate people about coffee enemas who are doing the Gerson Therapy. But it should help others as well.
Coffee enema: How to prepare:

Take 3 Rounded Tablespoons of ground light to medium roast organic coffee (not instant) to 1 quart of good water (distilled or reverse osmosis, but not tap) put in stainless steel pot (never aluminium), cover pot and bring to a boil, remove cover and let boil for 5 minutes. Then cover pot and simmer for 15 minutes more. Let cool and then strain out the coffee grounds using a stainless-steel mesh strainer and use at body temperature. (always strain out coffee grounds and just use liquid for enema). This recipe is for ONE enema. Some of the liquid will have been boiled away, so always add enough water to make the enema be one quart. (If you want, you can quadruple the recipe and make 4 enemas worth by putting in two quarts of water and 12 Tablespoons of coffee, cook the same and when cooled, put in glass jar and store in fridge until you need it for the enema. This way you do not have to cook a fresh batch every day. This makes a concentrate that you can use each day; After this quadruple batch is made, make sure you add water to make sure the concentrate is 4 cups worth. then when you want to use it for an enema, you use one cup of the concentrate to 3 cups water, to make quart (4 cups) that is used for the enema.))

What you need for the enema:
An enema bag or bucket
the red rubber colon tube
the plastic tube connector (this connects the red rubber tube to the plastic tube that comes on the enema bag or bucket). never insert the plastic tube inside the colon. the red rubber tube is soft and safer.

How to do the enema:

Always make sure the coffee is at body temperature. (if you are using a cup of the concentrate you have made, add 3 cups warm water to make it a total of 4 cups/quart)

The bathtub is the best place to take the enema, but if you don’t have one, lay on the floor with towels underneath you.
Put the coffee solution into your enema bag/bucket, making sure you have it securely closed with the plastic ring ( stopcock ). Open the stopcock a bit to let the solution come out just enough to make sure there is no air in the tube.
Lay down in the tub, or on the floor, on your back and insert the tube into the rectum 5 to 8 inches. There is a little bump inside us a few inches into the colon, make sure the tube gently goes over that bump further into the colon.. 

Open the stopcock and allow fluid to run in very slowly to avoid cramping. You can let some in, then close tube for a bit, open again to eventually let it all in. As the solution goes in, you can slowly turn over on your right side with your legs pulled up to your chest and stay in the position for the duration of the enema. In the beginning it is hard to retain, but it gets easier after time. The first few times it is good to do a water enema to clean out the colon, before doing the coffee enema. The enema bucket should be above you but not more than two feet above you, so the solution can go down the tube into your colon.

Lubricate the rubber tube with a bit of water, the coffee solution , aloe, vegetable glycerin (not vaseline as it will ruin the rubber and is a petroleum product) about two inches at the end of the tube.

Retain the solution for 12 to 15 minutes. If you have trouble retaining or taking in the full 32 oz./ lower the bucket; if you feel spasms, lower the bucket to the floor to allow the flow to back up a bit to relieve pressure. After 12-20 seconds, slowly start raising the bucket toward the original level. You can also control the flow of the solution by pinching the tube with your fingers or adjusting the plastic ring in a partially closed position.
You will quickly learn what works for you best.

Frequency of enemas is increased with symptoms of toxicity such as headache, fever, nausea, intestinal spasms and drowsiness. Upon awakening in the morning, if headache and drowsiness are experienced, an additional enema is recommended during the following night.
As a general rule, eat a little something, like a small piece of fruit before your first coffee enema of the day to activate the upper digestive tract. This rule applies whenever considerable time has elapsed since the last meal, juice or snack.

If you are on the full Gerson Therapy, then you will, in the beginning be doing 4 to 5 coffee enemas daily along with your 13 juices. If you are not on the full Therapy, a good rule to make sure you have at least 3 eight-ounce organic vegetable juices per coffee enema (such as carrot/apple and or green juices). so, if you want to do one enema in the am and one in the pm, that means you have to have throughout the day at least 6 eight ounce glasses of vegetable juice. This is important to keep electrolytes in balance. Otherwise, the coffee enemas on their own can strip the nutrients out of your bones if not getting enough nourishment via the correct number of juices. You can, of course do one enema daily and have 3 or more glasses of juice daily. But it’s important to keep the ratio in balance if you want to do more than one coffee enema daily.
This all looks very complicated at first, but it becomes very routine. 

I hope this is helpful!. 

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