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TIM ,Brighton

The Sage Holistic clinic has provided me with a very supportive & caring environment with which to explore the benefits of holistic treatments & practices (such as mindfulness & nutrition). I am recovering from a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis & suffer particularly from chronic fatigue, sleep issues & pain. I find holistic treatments are helpful in addressing these health issues & it's so great that Sage offers a low cost clinic making these kinds of treatments available for people like myself who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford them. 

Many thanks to Denise & all at the team at Sage Holistic Community Clinic.

Margaret, Hove

Martina's healing massage was the best I have had. I was relieved to have a treatment designed specifically for me. It is early days but my arms feel improved from my usual polymyalgia aches. 

I have used the blended ointment twice and its helping. Thank you so much, I am looking forward to my next session.

H.I,  Hangleton 

After completing the 8 week Holistic Wellbeing pilot trial at Sage Holistic:

I found the structured and focused support, helped me to activate my inner resources for self healing and led me to a reversed trauma state where I could face certain losses and accept my body intelligence response’s.

As a mental health patient, who suffered from anxiety and low mood for many years, my dignity had been compromised and the control had been taken away re my own life decisions.

The ultimate shame I felt due my own failure to be healthy and financially successful as a single mother was one of my biggest trigger points.

The mixture of Acupuncture, Reflexology, Mindfulness, Nutritional advice and especially the Qi-Gong practice helped me to reconnect to my best version of myself. I am trying to keep on with some of these treatments and practices. This is an on going journey and I will ask my GP to give me social subscription for these therapies. It costs just the fraction of a monthly subscribed medication, I believe it increase’s the local happiness factor and reduces the social isolation which I am threatened with every day.

My dream now is to be a happiness catalyser in my community. I have got one more chance from life thanks to the Sage Holistic and particularly Denise who organised this self-healing group.

M.T Hangleton

Hi Denise, firstly to say a huge thank you to you and John Kapp for the workshop (Family Constellation) today.

It was truly life changing.

Emily, Brighton

I first started going to Denise for Acupuncture as I had been suffering from glandular fever for the past eight months and I had recently been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which caused a great deal of pain. I immediately felt really at ease in Denise's company and found her warm and down-to-earth approach really appealing. We focused the first few treatments on boosting my energy levels, and I found that not only did I have more physical energy, but I also felt much more creative and inspired in my work. Friends and family noticed that my eyes and skin became brighter and my mind sharper, which were added benefits. Since then I've been having regular treatments but I've recently needed less as my strength returns. The abdominal pain I had from my PCOS has lessened considerably too. and I feel much more positive about my life in general. I find acupuncture hugely restorative and I would highly recommend going for treatment with Denise!

D.M Portslade

Had an amazing reflexology treatment with Louise this morning.

Felt really energized afterwards. Really clear headed and focused now on all the tasks I had to do...and I managed to write lots of focused applications, that I had been procrastinating on. Before this I had been feeling really overwhelmed and very tired emotionally. I was blaming it on the winter blues but now feeling really positive. Will be definitely be having regular treatments to keep me on track. As both emotionally and physically supportive. 

Lucy Dancer, Hove

I've been very impressed with how quickly and effectively Denise's treatments take affect to restore me to full vitality and peacefulness. Denise listens well and is always keen to ensure she has done all she can so you feel very looked after and taken care of.

I highly recommend her!

Corrinia, Hove

A haven of tranquility, advice and support when I needed it most.

I've noticed improvements in my sleep and my anxiety levels have lowered.

A knowledgable team who want to do best by their clients.

Highly recommended.

Jo, Hangleton

The acupuncture sessions where amazing, More energetic & I attained healing status at various times.

Highly recommend this clinic which has caring practitioners willing to affect health change towards a better quality of life.

Tessa Hughes, Hove

Having suffered with severe anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress for 5 years and being housebound, I was willing to try anything to overcome these issues.  I was introduced to Denise through a close friend and felt I had an instant connection with her.  I really opened up and found it easy to explain the problems I was going through. 

Although sceptical at first, the treatment and having someone to confide in really boosted my self-esteem and put me on the road to recovery.  Within 3 weeks of treatment,  I was able to leave the house without as much fear of a panic attack and felt much more aware of my mental and physical health.

Starting this treatment also pushed me in to dealing with the underlying issues that were causing these conditions. 

I saw Denise quite regularly at first and as I became stronger in myself, the treatments reduced. 

I would recommend trying acupuncture to anyone as it has really given me the lift and push I needed to deal with my condition.  I am now able to do all the things I should have been doing and if the anxiety or depression returned, I would go back to Denise immediately. 

C.H, Hangleton

Absolutely amazing experience taking part in the 8 week wellbeing pilot trial.

Amongst friendly caring practitioners. My health has greatly improved, less fatigue, happier, better mobility and less oedema. I could not recommend them more.

Ruth Buckroyd, Hove

I bumped into Denise on the street after originally meeting her a long time before, through a friend I used to work with. I was going through a particularly low point and was quite depressed when she saw me again. Without really knowing Denise that well she seemed to intuitively understand that something deeper was affecting me. She recommended that I come and see her for a treatment to try to get some positive energy flowing through my body again and put my smile back on my face.

Reluctantly, I went to see Denise and although I was quite sceptical in the beginning, I was so wrapped up in my negative thoughts that I had nothing to lose!

In the first session Denise introduced me to 5-element acupuncture and how all individuals are connected to the elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood. I was instantly fascinated by how although complicated and multi layered 5 element acupuncture is, it is also so simple and makes such sense as to how we are all connected to the natural world and our bodies. Also in that first session, we discussed where I was at that point, emotionally and physically. I was able to open up to Denise and explain what was going on now, had happened in my past and what I hoped for the future. Denise then did some simple acupuncture treatments on me to find out where I was holding my negative energy and where I was blocked.

Returning a few days later, I felt a little more positive and able to open up even more to Denise, which ultimately helped her to pinpoint (no pun intended!) where I needed the most support and how to further treat me.

Working with Denise I started to alter my mindset and instead of repeating negative patterns, I started to work with my body by eating healthily, exercising regularly, managing good sleep patterns and giving myself some much needed ‘me’ time. I started to write a diary between treatments and every time I next saw Denise I was able to explain how I had felt and what changes I was noticing - and I was definitely noticing changes!  

I had more energy and was able to understand what I put into my body and how my emotions affected me physically. My depression slowly lifted and I was able to finally break free from fear and quit my teaching job that had held me back for many years.

Thanks to 5 element acupuncture I am so much more connected and in-tune with my body. I don’t feel the need to visit Denise as much as in the beginning and when I do it’s usually because my body and mind are telling me that something is wrong and my energy is a little off kilter.

New Clinic Address : SAGE HOLISTIC inside Fine Feather Wellness Hub, 25 The Drive, Hove, BN3 3JG

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