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Soy Wax  Melts, Pack of 8 Essential Oil Blends- 50g

Our Soy Wax Melts are 50g of hand made soy wax & essential oil blends, specifically designed for our Sage Holistic Community Clinic by our aromatherapy therapists.  Using the best therapeutic & healing essential oils, to create the highest healing intention for Body, Mind & Spirit Connection. Only natural, non-toxic, vegan ingredients are used to make sure our products are in keeping with our clean & eco ethics! We don't use chemical fragrances only pure essential oils in each product.


We balance the minimum of five different essential oils (including Top, Middle & Base notes) in each blend so their synergy is captured, enhancing the beautiful long lasting fragrance. 

Each one of our blended melts are lovingly hand poured in small batches, into either small shell & heart containers to create the unique shapes . We have selected from our main candle rain a selection of the 7 different chakras blends and one Zen meditation blend for you to experience.  

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