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5 Element Essential Oil Blends for Practitioners 10ml

Five Element Blends: Are basic treatment tools that allow the practitioner to shift patterns of imbalance among the Five Elements. Collectively, they provide tools to customised treatment on both a Qi and Shen level. They are especially effective for addressing the mental-emotional aspect of treatment. They work equally well on short-term conditions as well as on the individual constitution (CF).


These special Five Element Blends are very complementary to Constitutional Five-Element Acupuncture and can be used directly in conjunction with acupuncture points once mixed in a carrier oil of your choice. 


They may also simply be given by direct inhalation on a tissue or cotton ball, or diffused with a diffuser in the treatment room during treatment. 


They are also safe for use in the same way by clients and patients to use at home or at work, where they will extend the benefits of treatment that they have received in the clinic.


Always seek confirmation / diagnosis of your element imbalance from your acupuncturist before using at home.

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