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Patient centred care

At Sage Holistic, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized treatments and informative workshops to help you improve your health and well-being. Get in touch with us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.



Denise qualified in 2011 from the College of Traditional Acupuncture in Warwick and have been practicing the 5 Element style of Traditional Acupuncture.
Where the core philosophy is working on the persons as a whole e.g. (Body Mind & Spirit) rather than just the symptoms that manifest in ill health. I have previously practiced both in Uk & Bali, now back in Hove.
So far in my career I have had wonderful results with gynaecological / hormonal imbalances, weak immune systems, spinal & joint pains and the debilitating emotional effects from long term depression anxiety and Ptsd.
Initial consultation including first treatment 1.5hrs.
Follow on treatments up to 1hr



Jeremy graduated from Westminster University with a BSc Honours in TCM acupuncture in 2007. Since 2012 he has been studying and practicing classical Chinese medicine under Taoist master and priest Jeffry Yuen. He has been in full time practice for over eleven years and carries out thousands of treatments every year on many different types of conditions, problems and people.

Jeremy has worked closely with cancer patients & their families and has treated for every stage stage of illness.


Jeremy has been practicing  Qi gong for over twenty years. He teaches full range of Qi gong methods as passed down from Michaels teacher Dr Li Li Qun of Shanghai, a high level Qi gong doctor who worked in Shanghai hospital for many years. He developed his own Qi gong method, Step back Qi gong, which works on the 5 main yin organs, lung, spleen, liver, heart, and kidneys, which he then spread around the world.


Treatments up to 1hrs

Qi gong workshops 1.5hrs



MASSAGE (full body, back, neck & indian head massage)

The rebalancing holistic therapies Louise offers can help reduce symptoms of many medical conditions such as cancer, anxiety, stress, depression, fertility issues, muscular injury and sciatica.


Her unique style has evolved from her own experience of treating clients with learning and/or physical disabilities and working with cancer patients, helping them to detox and relax. She will tailor these treatments to you personally so a session may include a mixture of aromatherapy, deep tissue massage with some reflexology and Reiki or Indian head massage combined.  Her main goal is to encourage and support you to naturally balance mind, body and soul. 


Consultation & 1st treatment 1.5 hr

Follow up treatments 1 hr



Selina has been practicing Holistic and beauty therapist for over 20yrs. She looks at the whole of the person, that is to say; Mind, Body and Soul. Then, working intuitively and with the appropriate treatment, she helps to remove any imbalance that may be present in the physical form.
She really enjoys working with NYR organics in her treatments as they provide a wide range of products to suit everyone. NYR use natural and organic ingredients, which are free from harmful chemicals.

Selina has been specialising in working with patients with fertility issues and tailoring treatments during pregnancy & postnatal with both her skills in reflexolgy and massage.

As they have many benefits for womens health and wellbeing by reducing symptoms like morning sickness, swelling, backache and insomnia and lots more……This lead to working with new parents and their baby in bonding, with her theraputic massage touch techniques in group workshops.


Consultation & 1st treatment 1.5 hr

Follow up treatments 1 hr

4 weeks Baby massage workshop 





Lyn qualified from Brighton Holistics in early 2018, having gained a level 3 Diploma in Reflexology. She has had fantastic results with patients suffering from muscular skeletal issues including shoulder and back issues. Patients comment "its strange that when I am working on a particular part of the foot they can feel the effects in a different area of the body". Most patients have had a reduction in pain, reducing from a pain a score of 10 down to a 3. This is a testiment to the wonderful effects of this holistic treatment


Consultation & 1st treatment 1.5 hr

Follow up treatments 1 hr



 Jo qualified as a nutritional therapist with The College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2008. She has many years experience consulting with clients from around the world with many different health issues.

She is qualified to understand the biochemistry of disease processes, such as hormonal imbalances, depression, arthritis, digestive complaints, and many other issues, and can therefore shed light upon foods and habits that may be hindering the healing of a particular disease, as well as suggesting specific nutrients to enhance certain biochemical processes and address biochemical imbalances.

Jo believes that finding balance is the key to abundant health and vitality. People often force themselves to make healthy choices, or get obsessed by a fad diet, without finding the balance in their lifestyles that they are actually seeking. Jo is interested in exploring many aspects to guide a client to a place of balance, connecting with the reasons behind the behaviours.


Consultation approx 1 hr



Kam is an experienced Chef and specialises in vegan & vegetarian cooking. Over the years she has experience a love hate relationship with food. Having at times, very strict food regimes. Which was her way of coping due to emotional stressors and food allergies. Wanting to learn more about her own health needs, she undertook studying through the IPE eating psychology-coaching course. Where  she found the healing she so needed. She discovered that being fast, rigid, strict and militant in her eating habits, was a reflection of how she conducted her life in general. Kam learned that weight gain is a form of self-protection and that self-confidence isn’t going to magically appear once your thin; after all, being skinny made her just as miserable. Being happy in her self and with her body image by healing the emotional wounds from the past is the key.

Now, it’s her time to give back, to help other women find freedom from the guilt and shame felt around food.

Workshops  2 hrs

Clinic 1-2-1 sessions 1hr



Linda Belcher is an experienced Systematic Kinesiologist and Tutor. She has a busy practice on the borders of Portslade and Hove and teaches Foundation and Diploma level Kinesiology in Brighton. Clients visit for help with a range of issues from Skin, Gut, Food sensitivity, Anxiety and Depression.

She has many testimonials from happy clients and students.

Linda will be offering Low cost workshops as taster sessions to learn how Kinesiology can benifit you. To book a 1-2-1 session, linda will be seeing clients at her own clinic, she is offering a limited number of low cost treatments, so please contact her to learn what Kinesiology is and can achieve where you can also learn what Kinesiology is and can achieve.


SEMINAR - My journey healing cancer

After overcoming Terminal cancer Jem wanted to share her remarkable journey. She was invited to many public speaking platforms. She started offering workshops on her diet changes, on manifesting and on using Life Force energy for healing.  She has found people could easily work with the science based nutrition and detoxing changes, but would often struggle with the mindset shift that was required to become open to receiving the healing in whatever form it would occur. So this led her to hosting retreats on learning to listen to your own body, feeling the divinity within and changing the way the mind wants to think.

 As well as the Seminar, Jem is also offering low cost coaching sessions to anybody who needs help in accessing these shifts to healing deep within.



pre booking needed for seat allocation.

2hrs including questions & answer session.


Treatment approx 1 hr



John first discovered Mindfulness while in India in 2004, He did a 4 year training course in Spain, and has been offering drop in groups, weekly since 2008. He has found it very effective for himself and others. He is proposing a clinical trial, hoping to get NICE recommendation, so that it can be provided free on the NHS, see 9.124 of


John believes his regular practice of mindfulness has improved his everyday communications. "I used to be very judgemental, and critical of others who thought differently. I had painful breakdowns of arthritis, so hated myself and used think I was a victim of circumstances". However, after learning mindfulness, he has become much more tolerant, and now thinks he is a beneficiary, being fit and well, and grateful for everything that happens to himself. This shows in his body, as his metabolic age is 15 years younger than his actual age.


Workshop Mindfullness 1.5 - 2hr


Family Constellation min 3 person 1.5 hr


HYPNOTHERAPY Gentle Mind Massage

Linda is a Brighton based qualified clinical hypnotherapist and accredited life-coach, but her method is anything but clinical. She enjoys her treaments as she loves engaging with people who are interested in improving their lives and general wellbeing.


Linda is often in awe as to how effective hypnotherapy can be and how the subconscious part of the brain is stimulated and revived for positive advantage.


She has personal experience in applying effective techniques to improve her own life and physical and mental wellbeing which makes her a non-judgemental, sympathetic and empathic practitioner who is looking forward to helping many more people on their personal journey.         

Treatment approx  1 hr

Any questions about our services?

Please contact us today to find times and dates for each practitioner, and we can book you in.

We look forward to treating you.

Phone: +44 7731919566


Sage Holistic - inside Hangleton Community Centre,

Harmsworth Cresent,

Hove BN3 BBW

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