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Our "WOOD - 5 Element" 10ml Bottles are filled with our specially blended Essential oil recipe for Practitioners to use with patients once a CF has been diagnoised.

These are used where an imbalance has been detected through Acupunctre treatment protocols, in one of the 5 main Elements. These oils help rebalance the constitution of the patient.


Essential Oil Blend Ingredients of:

Eucalyptus, Cedarwood Atlas, Cypress, Grapefruit & Vertiver, Blend of Pure Essential Oils, mixed into a 10ml amber bottle. For use in Room diffusers, Oil burners, pour couple of drops onto a hanky to smell during the day, or mix with and essential oil base for a body massage oil when you get home.



Influences Liver & Gallbladder Meridians

The Wood element promotes unification, magic, change, alchemy, being one with nature, timelessness, balanced energy and divinity.


Our Chinese Wood Element Essential Oil Blend can help to enhance your strengths and control your weaknesses.

Strengths: Patient, understanding, generous, stable, reliable, warm and compassionate.

Weaknesses: Dependent, easily flustered, unethical and passive.


If Sedation needed

Chinese Medicine functions: Sedates the Element Wood by spreading Liver Qi, releasing constraint and harmonizing the Shen

Indications: Wood Element excess with constrained Qi and Shen disharmony

Symptoms: Nervous tension, irritability, mood swings, frustration, resentment; digestive symptoms, aches and pains, muscle tightness, chest and throat tightness, shallow breathing, etc.


If Tonification needed

Chinese Medicine function: Supports the Element Wood by nourishing Liver Blood and Yin, and strengthening the Shen

Indications: Wood deficiency with Liver Blood and/or Yin deficiency

Symptoms: Emotional withdrawal, low motivation, loss of self-confidence, depression, pessimism, guilt; loss of stamina, cold extremities, fatigue, muscle weakness

WOOD 5 Element Essential Oil Blend 10ml

  • Essential oil Properties: If there are any contra indications in this blend please do not purchase, please contact us directly by email or Telephone and we can get you to submit answers to a health questionaire, and medication presently we can decide which oils would be more suitable for your health condition and wont interfere with prescription medications...Then we can make a specific blend just for you. This will require a small surcharge of £5.00

    If you would like to read a more indepth page of health benifits to these oils listed bellow plick click HERE to be directed to another page.

    Essential oils used in this Blend :


    • Properties: Uplifting, clearing, refreshing, stimulating, decongesting.
    • Actions: Analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, depurative, expectorant, haemostatic, stimulant, uplifting.
    • Pharmacology: This oil is dominated by the restorative, oxygenating constituents 1,8 cineole and monoterpenes ; these are balanced by relaxant monoterpenols.
    • Chinese medicine function: To raise Yang Qi, cool the Lung, release the exterior and strengthen the spirit.
    • Contra Indications = Incompatible when taking homeopathic treatments as counteracts the effects.

    Cedarwood Atlas

    • Actions: Antiseptic, astringent, calming, expectorant, sedative (nervous system & skin) stimulant ( especially circulation) tonic.
    • Pharmacology: Atlas cedarwood is well-balanced among sesquiterpenes, sesquiterpenols and sesquiterpenones, which have shown good relaxant and anti-inflammatory effects.
    • Chinese medicine function: To nourish the Yin, resolve damp and calm the spirit.
    • Contra Indications = Not to be used during Pregnancy.


    • Properties: Energizing, uplifting, stimulating, motivating.
    • Actions: Antispasmodic, astringent, cooling, depurtive, haemostatic, relaxing, sedative, tonic, uplifting, vasocontrictive.
    • Chinese medicine function: To tonify the Qi, activate Qi and Blood, and strengthen the spirit.
    • Contra Indications = Not to be used during Pregnancy.


    • Properties: Stimulating, clarifying, uplifting, balancing.
    • Actions: Astringent, depurtive, diuretic, stimulant, tonic, uplifting.
    • Chinese medicine function: To regulate the Qi, harmonize the middle warmer and strenghen the spirit.
    • Contra Indications = is phototoxic if used on the skin and may cause sensitivity to sunlight.


    • Properties: Calming, grounding, cooling, nurturing.
    • Actions: Relaxing, rebefacient, sedative, stimulant, tonic.
    • Chinese medicine function: To nourish Blood and Yin, descend the Yang, drain heat and calm the spirit.
    • Contra Indications = No known contraindications.
  • We have a Return and Refund policy... 

    If your package arrived damaged. Please take a photo how it arrived and send by email, so we can show to our postal company.

    You will need to pay the return postage fee. We will accept the returns package only if it has not been used, 

    For candle (not lit) wax & bottle not scratched

    Liquid volume same as stated when buying / bottle not scratch

    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase please let us know why? So we can rectify the problem, if within our means. All feedback is helpful.

    Please note Personalised blends made to specific health requirements, once shipped can not be returned or refunded.

    We want you to feel confident with your purchase as we have put so much effort & love into making the best smelling self care products for you to enjoy.

    I hope you understand our policy....Clinic Manager x

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